Our history

Having heavily invested to build a culture of honesty and hard work towards efficiency, our history speaks highly about our expertise as it does our present.

Ellin s.r.o. was founded in 1997 offering services in the broader engineering and consulting field, providing solutions to complex technical problems. The company evolved with the changing economic times, adapted to fulfill specific client needs, and expanded to deliver responsive services and products to our clients. Ellin grew quickly as our reputation for quality service, innovative thinking, and value. Our multidisciplinary team of expert engineers and specialized consultants perform detailed analysis and continue with in-depth evaluations, to provide our clients with the critical information that both day-to-day and strategic decisions may require. Our Project Management Staff brings over 30 years of experience and our detailed knowledge in all areas of construction and engineering allow us to better manage cost control, quality, resource allocations and scheduling. We have built our reputation on commitment and quality performance at every level. Quality must exceed project requirements in every situation. Our expectations are clear and are continuously communicating to all trade-contractors before and during construction operations. Today, Ellin s.r.o. is dedicated to provide innovative building and process solutions to clients, using multidisciplinary approach based on real experience in the areas of Project and Construction Management, Building Consulting and Property management and maintenance. We eagerly look forward to continued success with our clients and our upcoming projects.